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by Dale Demwell

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We are Matt and Dale, an English couple who have sold up everything and let go of the white picket fence dream in order to see the world!

Welcome to our travel blog! This is where we plan on sharing useful travel tips, our best photographs, and stories about amazing places around the globe.  Let us show you how you can travel within your means, enabling you to see more of what the world has to offer, for less.

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Why travel?

Because we need to.

The idea of going travelling is not something that came easy – I very much expected to be in a job I could retire in, paying off my mortgage by now.

Obviously there have been a few curveballs, but as we’ve got older, we’ve realised life isn’t just about owning a house and going to work every day, to pay for the house you aren’t living in (because most of your day is spent working or sleeping).  This not something we are willing to do yet.

It’s also kind of a personal challenge for us both.  The idea of travelling still makes me near on shit my pants.


Because: Anxiety.

Anxiety has been something we have both had to deal with for the majority of our lives, we are at the age where we need to push ourselves to leave our comfort zones.

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Why now?

A better question is: Why the fuck not?  For us, it makes sense – we got priced out of our local housing market when we were looking to buy. We had sacrificed a lot of our social life in our early years together in order to save for a house – all seemingly for nothing.

And then I (Dale) was made redundant from my job in I.T !

It was around the time that the redundancies were announced that we went on a pre-booked holiday to Thailand – this kick started the idea of travelling.

We were in the very fortunate position that we had plenty of notice of the impending redundancy, so used that opportunity to start selling our stuff.

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Why a blog?

Why so many questions?

We want to help you travel cheaper.  This might be by letting you know when we come across a great bargain or cheap booking platform, or it could be by just letting you know how much stuff is along our way so that you can plan how to spend your budget accordingly.

Remember: when we use the word budget – we don’t just mean cheap – we mean affordable.  If you earn £100,000 and spend £20,000 a year on holidays, then everything we do will be in your budget because you can afford it.  We cater for people who have to save their hard earned cash and make the most of it.  We’ll be as transparent as we can be about what we spend!

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Consider each post we create like an article in a magazine.

Now imagine that the author of that article wants to engage with the readers – what would be the easiest way to do so?   Post on a blog of course!

This is our way of communicating our experiences as we travel, so that you can learn from our failures (there will be a shit load) and gain from our successes.

Things you can expect to see

Articles About:

The top things to do
Best places to eat
Activities to suit a range of budgets
Travelling with anxiety
Our experiences
Anything we find that is weird and wonderful

Reviews of:

Transport (airlines/companies)
Gear (the things we travel with)

Photographs of:


Tips about

Travelling in general
Things that make life easier
Resources available

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